New Delhi [India], January 7 (ANI): Experts said that those children who are getting anti-COVID vaccines should not take paracetamol before the consultation of doctors.

The advice was issued in response to growing concerns that some immunisation centres are advising children to take three paracetamol 500 mg tablets after receiving the COVID vaccine.

“Paracetamol is not recommended as prophylaxis, before and after any Covid vaccination as we don’t know how it alters the immune response of vaccine.

A low-grade fever, muscle ache, lethargy, headache, soreness at the injection site is common in the first 2 days after vaccination, which usually subsides on its own, without any medication.

However, if the fever persists or the intensity increases then paracetamol or other painkiller is advised after consultation with a physician.

So paracetamol is to be taken only after consultation and not as prophylaxis for fever, which happens because of immune response of the body to the vaccine components,” said Dr Akshay Budhraja, Sr. Consultant, Respiratory and Sleep Medicine, Aakash Healthcare.

To combat the third wave of Omicron cases, the Union government has begun administering the Covid vaccination to teenagers aged 15 to 18.

On January 3, the first day of the children’s vaccination programme, over 41 lakh such children received their first dose of vaccine. However, it has been discovered that when children have a fever, they are given paracetamol without consulting a doctor, which can harm them.

“Giving paracetamol to children (15-18 years old) who are receiving COVID vaccines is not recommended these days. It is because it has the potential to cause hepatotoxicity (liver damage caused by drug exposure) in them.

If children develop a fever after receiving the COVID vaccine, they should be given Mefenamic acid or Meftal syrup.

Adults over the age of 18 who have a fever after receiving the Covid vaccine are safe to take paracetamol,” says Dr Col.Vijay Dutta, Senior Consultant, Internal Medicine, Indian Spinal Injuries Centre.

“It says it is not recommended to take it as a rule – that definitely after taking the vaccine you shouldn’t take Paracetamol. Vaccine-related fever usually occurs within 24 hours of vaccine administration and 1-2 spikes.

Other symptoms like some muscle pain, weakness can be there which do not need any medication! Fever 99 and above may need age and weight-specific dose only after consulting with the treating paediatrician.

Waiting at the vaccination centre for half an hour post-vaccination. Adequate hydration, rest, and sleep – going about the day, as usual, is sufficient precautions to take while getting vaccinated,” Dr Swetha Reddy Pasam, Consultant-Paediatrics, Apollo TeleHealth.

Previously, Bharat Biotech, which developed India’s first indigenous Covid vaccine, Covaxin, stated that no painkillers or paracetamol are recommended following vaccination with its COVID-19 vaccine Covaxin.

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Source: PTI

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