Singapore says no evidence to suggest Omicron more severe than other variants

Singapore, December 4 (PTI): There is currently no evidence to suggest that symptoms associated with the Omicron variant of Covid-19 are different or more severe than those of other variants, or that current vaccines and therapeutics would be ineffective against the new variant, according to a news report citing Singapore’s Ministry of Health (MOH).

Channel News Asia reported that the ministry said two more people infected with Omicron variant travelled through Singapore to Malaysia and Australia.

More data and further studies on Omicron are needed, the MOH said adding that it is expecting to see more such cases being reported globally in the coming weeks

“Should the Omicron variant be more transmissible than Delta and become the globally dominant variant over time, it is a matter of time before it establishes itself in Singapore,” the MOH said on Friday.

“But the additional measures will help to buy time to learn more about dealing with Omicron, and to continue with our booster programme to strengthen our collective resilience for better protection against this new variant.”

MOH said it might need to introduce or adjust its measures “at short notice” in response to the “fluid” situation.

On Omicron infections transmitting through Singapore’s Changi Airport, MOH said the first case travelled from Johannesburg on November 27 on a Singapore Airlines flight, and arrived here the same day for his transit flight.

The passenger then travelled to Sydney on another Singapore Airlines flight arriving on November 28.

The New South Wales Ministry of Health in Australia on Friday confirmed he was a positive case, the MOH said in a statement on Friday.

The man had earlier tested negative on November 24 before leaving South Africa, and had remained in the transit holding area at Changi Airport until his departure for Sydney, said MOH.

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Source: PTI