COVID 19 : “Why Variants will defeat Vaccines”

In “Why Bat Coronaviruses are necessary”(Times of India, June9) I made forceful arguments on why the Virus is an Animal Virus, and NOT from a Lab. Scientists from the elite Scripps Institute (US): “The Virus must have arisen by natural selection, not manipulation”.

World Class Scripps Biologist Anderson comes to the conclusion, that the SARS2 Spike Protein is not of the calculated best design, and hence it “cannot be manipulated”.

Third, the symptoms being suffered as a result of COVID19 (SARS- COV2) are identical to those as in SARS (2002, Guandong, Human Consumption of Bat infected Civets) and during MERS (2012, M East, Human Consumption of Bat infected Camel). Human Consumption of Different Animal.

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Same result. Virus follows a path of [(Animal-Human) + (Human-Human Transmission) raise to N], where N is the no of Human Being affected. Asian Flu, N= 2million, COVID19 : N > 4million.

A. COVID19=SARS PART 2 : Diffusion of the Virus is identical to the SARS Virus


A) Original Wuhan Strain : from Human Consumption of Pangolin/Badgers in Wuhan. This caused Pandemic 2020. Spread because of Chinese travelling post New Year to Europe, US & Iran. Virus spreads Human Mouth to Mouth (pls see “Optimization of the Virus”,, Covid19 section)

B) In a very large study conducted by University of Chicago Booth School of Business & Columbia University, 8% of US COVID cases from Meat Packing Plants, and contributing to nearly 5250 deaths by March 2020. This is NOT from the Wuhan strain. This is from Killing of Cattle – which has been responsible for upto 8% of US COVID19 deaths, according to the Authors.

C) Jon Cohen in Science in the June 2020 issue cites “Chinese Pigs found to have Human Pandemic Potential”. My hypothesis that this is ANOTHER CAUSE OF A VARIANT like B117, B1351 or P1 (Analysis shown below).


Dangerous Variants B117 (UK), B1351(South Africa),P1(Brazil), B1617 (Delta) have emerged.Now Delta Plus – mutation. P1 in Brazil for example is 2.5x more contagious than the old common strains. Univ of Cambridge study opines that for B117, 2 fold increase in serum antibody concentration is required to neutralize the Virus. Variants have the ability toreinfect those already vaccinated. As shown, these Variants are from Human Consumption of Different Animals in Different Geographies. The main driver of the Pandemic is the “Wuhan Strain”. Then, these Variants (due to Human consumption of Pangolin, Cattle, Chicken, Pigs) are travelling as Humans move(“Human mouth to mouth” aerosol transmission) say from X (Delta Variant) to Australia, US or Europe for example. Variant spreads.

Hypothesis is that P1 is Multiplier Effects from Human Consumption of “Cattle” in Brazil. The Delta Variant (B1617, India) is Multiplier Effects from Human Consumption of Chicken (explained in next section). As mentioned, it is unlikely the Wuhan Strain can mutate across 5 Different Geographies.


According to Top Virologists, Dr Stanley Perlman and Anthony Fehr, “Coronaviruses : a review of their Replication and Pathogenesis” (National Library of Medicine)- Coronaviruses cause a variety of Diseases which include upper respiratory disease in CHICKENS. My hypothesis :B1617 (India variant) is caused due to Human Consumption of Chicken. There is Animal-Human Transmission (A-H)& then Human to Human (H-H Transmission) raise to N.In India, Beef & Pork is sparsely consumed. Alot of Chicken. Drawing from Top Scientists’ Perlman & Fehr, Coronaviruses being carried over to Cattle, Pigs & Chicken. In India, Beef & Pork is less consumed. More Chicken. These Respiratory problems that Bat Coronaviruses cause in Chicken are transferred to Humans when Humans eat Chicken. This cause Respiratory problems. Hence need for Oxygen. Facilitates the “Oxygen Crisis” in India.

D. “The Design of Variants”+

The Main Variants so far include B1351 (South Africa), B117(UK, Alpha), P1(Brazil) and now B1617(Delta,India). B1351 (S Africa) and P1(Brazil) “REINFECT” people who have recovered from COVID19. For eg, in the US, most of these Variants are present. The Variants typically like B117 & B1617 have much HIGHER transmission rates. NEW Novovax Vaccine is ONLY 55% effective against B1351. J&J’s new Vaccine was ONLY 64% effective against P1. Pfizer Vaccine only 72% effective against B1351. On study, A New Variant is effectively “nullifying” the effect of the Vaccine in majority of the cases.

E. “The NEW Delta Variant”

The new Delta Variant(B1617), which has spread to over 80 Countries. According to the Genomics Consortium Institute the Delta Variant had a 50% higher transmission rate & viral-load than the Alpha Variant(B117).While Vaccines are necessary, Covaxin has only 63.6% efficiency against the Delta Variant. A recent British Study found a single dose of AstraZeneca or Pfizer Vaccines provides only modest protection (30-40%) against the Delta Variant.

F. “Singapore Airport Case Study”

“Unfortunately, this mutant virus, very virulent, broke through the layers of defense”, Singapore Transport Minister, Ong Ye Kung

Shashank Bengali of the New York Times in a superb article, “Singapore announces new restrictions after vaccinated workers get infected”highlights how in Singapore, probably the most Advanced Country in the World in terms of Governance standards, highlights how 28 Airport workers got infected, inspite of 19 having had the AstraZeneca or Pfizer vaccine. “The Airport had received flights from high risk countries in South East Asia. Several Airport employees have tested positive for the Delta Variant (B1617).

G. “The Seychelles Case Study”

According to Jonathan Wolfe of the prestigious New York Times, Seychelles has again seen a large surge inspite of majority of the population had been inoculated with the Sinopharm vaccine. The Sinopharm has a 78% efficacy rate. Sinovac vaccine efficacy is 50-78%(Country dependent ; NYT, June 10)


The Answer is very simple. This is the Clash of 2 Ecosystems. Human Beings CANNOT encroach on the Animal Ecosytem. Period. Deadly Pandemics Occur.

  1. Respect the Population Nature Equilibrium. Limits for Population Growth.

  2. Why Vegetarianism ? : Start with prohibiting eating of Wild Animals (Bears, Leopards, Flying Foxes, Civets,Pangolin). This is Phase 1. Phase 3 is banning the consumption of Cattle, Pork & Chicken as well. Move to a Diet of “Vegetarianism & Lab Based Meat”. Human Beings cannot encroach on the Animal Ecosystem. Different Ecosystems. Obey the Design of Life. Period.

  3. Also, ALWAYS REMEMBER, the Design of Human Beings is VEGETARIAN. Carnivores have Canine Teeth, much larger Kidneys, Higher levels of Hydrochloric Acid. Herbivores & Human Beings have much larger Intestines.

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