Find happiness and mental well-being while working from home

New Delhi [India], January 7 (ANI/SRV Media): Since Covid-19, Work from Home has become a new normal and so has reduced productivity and imbalance of work and life. Personally, the word – “Work-Life” is a little confusing as here work comes before life and that should not be the case.

There are a million challenges of working from home and maintaining the balance between professional and personal life. This is something that an individual can understand when they experience the issues of maintaining a balance. Since this is a completely new phase for a lot of people, everyone is still figuring out the do’s and don’ts of it.

Working from home now is playing a larger part in your life, or that of people you live with, than it ever has before.

“Working at a Leadership position in a reputed organization, I can understand the challenges of working from home and maintaining the balance between both the lives, since I’m also a Happiness Coach and keep on reading about how to stay Happy, Motivated and Positive in life, I engage a lot to find scientifically proven tricks for Happier life. Based on my understanding, I have figured out a few things which might help others at a macro level,” said Rajat Khatri, Certified Happiness Coach, and Amazon’s Bestseller Author (10 Keys to Attain Happiness), commenting on this.

The importance of a routine

Let’s look at some of the things to consider for your day to day activity. To begin with, start your day keeping in mind the following. Stick to a time table. If you are starting at 9 am, make sure you start the day at 9 am and similarly have a routine to end your day at designated time. Maintain a target for the day.

Sit with your to-do-list inclusive of meeting times and tea/ lunch breaks. That should be the first thing to be prepared in the morning. Last but not the least, dress up. Be prepared for work as if you are going to the office.

Remember to take breaks

Now, during the day, have specific breaks. This is the time to be with the family and spend some time together. Talk to them during this time and enjoy no office work. It is fine to take a powernap too post lunch.

Most importantly, keep time for mental wellness. Research shows hiding emotions at work causes more stress. Time and again, get into a casual call with your team members, else plan an informal lunch break with a colleague but do not discuss work. Research shows even a virtual social time gives a mood boost.

Do not get distracted

To improve your effectiveness at work, be mindful (and not mind-full) during the official hour with complete focus on work and least distractions. This should preferably be a “no family” time (except for the breaks). Also most importantly, stay away from distractions.

Use work life balance apps that can help you pause notifications from WhatsApp/ Facebook during the office hours to reduce unnecessary distractions. One can also have a separate browser for all your personal things – Gmails, Facebook, videos, personal work, stock market etc.

The magic of family and friends

Now to end your day, plan your leisure time. Sometimes it’s tough to end the day at planned time, thanks to the unlimited to-do list but having a planned leisure time actually works. Have a planned walk with your spouse or even better tell your kids that you’ll be available from 7 PM onwards.

You’ll be surprised to see the magic, kids will be right there at 7 to play with you.

In most cases, a mindful shower just helps get away with the tiredness of the hectic day and will refresh you for a happier evening. Science has proven that sitting outside 15 minutes a day is good enough to change the mood and feel better. Therefore, it is imperative to wrap up work on time and spend the rest of the day rejuvenating with family and friends.

For the rest of the evening, make sure you are not in the same room and keep moving in order to not think of work all the time. So going back to the same room or place is strictly a No-No. Also ensure to get time by yourself to reflect on the day so far. Indulging in hobbies is effective in order to refresh your mind. Also ensure ending the day on a positive note.

With gratitude and by implementing these strategies, one will be able to focus significantly on themselves, family and their work at the same time.
Rajat Khatri is a Certified Happiness Coach and to know more, he is reachable at

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