Happy New Year India…

Varanasi: Never have a people voiced so much disdain for a single year as they have for 2020. Headlines ask whether 2020 is the worst year in history. Social media sites echo endless dire testimonials. T-shirts and memes ask, “Is 2020 Over Yet?”

We, people all across the globe are celebrating the New Year, hoping that 2021 will bring back some semblance of normality.

During 2020, many people experienced devastating personal losses of loved ones, jobs, prospects and opportunities due to coronavirus.

The virus that first emerged a year ago in Wuhan, China, swept across the world in 2020, leaving havoc in its wake. More than any event in memory, the pandemic has been a global event. On every continent, households have felt its devastation — joblessness and lockdowns, infirmity and death. And an abiding, relentless fear.

Our country emerged as the country with the world’s second highest coronavirus tally. We responded to the pandemic early on with an abrupt nationwide lockdown, but the number of cases spiked as restrictions eased and our creaky public health system.

Questions were raised by the world about unusually low death rate of our country but we improved our health system in 2020 also proved the questions of our death rate is irrelevant.

Our virus worries are also multiplied by our struggling economy that recorded its worst performance in at least two decades. It will be the worst-affected among the world’s major economies even after the pandemic wanes.

At year’s end, promising vaccines offered a glimmer of hope amid a cresting coronavirus variant.

Malcolm Forbes, publisher of the Forbes magazine, once said, “When things are bad, we take comfort in the thought that they could always get worse. And when they are, we find hope in the thought that things are so bad they have to get better.”

The arrival of 2021 presents an opportunity. As troubled as are our times, we do have rays of hope because the government said that COVID-19 vaccinations would be available to all Indians especially for the most vulnerable and needy in 2021.

We understand everyone wants to party on New Year’s Eve and get out with friends and family, but it’s still important to remember that we stay vigilant, that we continue to observe the ‘do gaz ki doori’ rule, to observe social distancing protocol and personal hygiene.

The Sen Times concludes by wishing all people of the world especially Indians “a very happy, a very safe and a prosperous new year from us”.

“God bless you and India, and thank you.”