Published On: Thu, Sep 12th, 2019

Cop quits, frustrated over rigours of police job being impediment for his marriage

Hyderabad: A 29-year old police constable here has submitted his resignation citing difficulties in getting married after a prospective bride turned down a proposal on the grounds that his job required long and irregular working hours and lacked career growth.

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S Pratap, an engineering graduate, who joined the force five years ago and is presently posted at Charminar station, had on September 7 submitted the resignation, recording the reasons.

In the letter, addressed to the Hyderabad Police Commissioner, he said frontline policemen retired in the same post, indicating that they often do not get promotions.

He claimed one of the marriage proposals got rejected because he was a police constable.

Pratap said the prospective bride had told his relatives that “constables work for 24 hours, they is no proper responsibility (of household) they will take and retire as constables only. There is no growth in their job.”

“For which I was highly disturbed and depressed with my job. Hence I request with folded hands to accept my resignation,” Pratap said in the letter.

When contacted, Pratap said there had been no communication from the higher-ups so far and he expected them to contact him after the ongoing Ganesh immersion programme was completed.

Asked whether he would reconsider the decision if persuaded by senior officials, he told PTI: “Let us see how it turns out.


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