Published On: Sat, Apr 6th, 2019

Congress-BJP’s plan to lower retirement age to weigh on young

New Delhi: The BJP-Congress fight for Lok Sabha polls 2019 but both plan to lower the retirement age for central government employees from 60 to 55 years to tackle 30 million jobless youth.

Once you find your footing, you will discover that retirement at 55 doesn’t have to be an ending. It can be a time for personal growth and self-actualization, a new engagement with life and rediscovered dreams.

A government source said the extremely high level of unemployment prevailing in the country, which is affecting youths more than any other demographic group, any party’s government should reduce the retirement age of its employees in order to free up jobs for youths.

“Any government have no choice but to sound an alarm,” he added.

The report of the National Sample Survey Office showed unemployment at a 45-year high last fiscal, the opposition has criticised Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s administration for its failure to provide enough jobs. The issue of jobs also became a focus area in Congress’ manifesto which was released on Tuesday.

“All the jobless youth interested in government jobs for job security. If the government reduce the retirement age from 60 to 55, it will be able to free up thousands of jobs for the youth.”

“We know reducing the retirement age to 55 years seems a bit extreme, but drastic times call for drastic measures,” the source said.

In his speech in Pune on Thursday, Congress President Rahul Gandhi also advocated that politicians should retire at the age of 60.

“The central government employees can’t complain about retirement at 55 when politicians retire at 60. Any government, which will lead BJP or Congress is likely to see the youth faces in their ministries,” the source added.

“A change is always welcome,” he said.

30-million-odd frustrated job-hunters are fretting and fuming over the government’s failure to provide employment, so the source said no choice for any government but to ‘to lower retirement age from 60 to 55.’

The new government might make lowering retirement age announcement after the general elections 2019, he added.


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