German govt employees to get 8-percent pay increases

Berlin: Union and government negotiators say they’ve reached a new wage agreement that will give more than a million government employees in Germany a nearly 8 percent pay increase over 33 months.

“Have: Work … Need: Money” reads a sign during a warning strike protest in Bremen.

The deal, announced just before midnight Saturday, comes after disruptive short-term strikes by teachers and others designed to put pressure on the government.

The ver.di union says teachers, police, emergency workers and other government employees will first get a 3.2-percent raise retroactive to January 1. Next January 1, a 3.2 percent increase will follow, and then a 1.4 percent increase on January 1, 2021.

Certain groups, like health care workers, will receive additional payments.

The agreement is also expected to be extended to 2.3 million additional government employees represented by other unions, which is common German practice.