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Exit polls give mixed predictions for Rajasthan, MP and Chhattisgarh

New Delhi: Exit polls conducted by various television channels on Friday gave mixed projections in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh Assembly elections. In Telangana, the polls showed a clear advantage for incumbent TRS.

The results will be declared in all the states on December 11.

In Rajasthan, two exit polls predicted a clear edge for the opposition Congress. While Times Now-CNX gave Congress 105 seats in the 200-member Assembly and 85 to BJP; India Today-Axis My India predicted 119 to 141 for the Congress and 55-72 for the BJP. On the other hand, the Republic-C Voter poll gave Congress 81-101 and 83-103 to the BJP.

The half-way mark in the state is 101.

According to the poll conducted by Times Now-CNX in Madhya Pradesh, the ruling BJP is expected to get 126 seats in the 230-member Assembly while the Congress is likely to settle for 89, which is 27 short the majority figure. It has given BSP 6 seats and other 9.

The poll conducted by India Today-Axis My India predicts 104-122 for Congress and 102-126 for the BJP. It gave 1-3 seats to BSP and 3-8 for others.
Republic TV-Jan ki Baat poll predicted 95-115 for Congress and 108-128 for BJP while others got 7.

India News MP-Neta has predicted 112 seats for Congress, 106 for BJP and 12 for others.

A mixed bag was projected by the exit polls in Chhattisgarh where 90 seats are at stake.

Times Now-CNX predicted that the ruling BJP would retain power with 46 seats, which is a majority mark. For Congress it predicted 35 seats and 7 the BSP and its ally. India TV too predicted 42-50 seats for the BJP and gave 32-38 to the Congress. It predicted 6-8 for BSP and 1-3 for others.

However, Republic-C Voter predicted 40-50 seats for the Congress and 35-43 for BJP. It gave 3-7 to BSP and ally. News Nation poll suggested 40-44 for the Congress and 38-42 for the BJP. It gave 4-8 to BSP and 0-4 to others. News 24-Pace Media predicted 45-51 seats for the Congress, 36-42 for the BJP and 4-8 for others.

For Telangana’s 119 seats, Times Now-CNX projected a clean sweep for the ruling Telangana Rashtra Samiti with 66 seats. It gave 37 to Congress and 7 to BJP while others were given 9.

Republic TV-Jan Ki baat gave TRS 50-65 seats and 38-52 to Congress, 4-7 to BJP and 8-14 to others. The majority mark is 60.



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