Only Rs 160 crore refund left with CBIC: S Ramesh

New Delhi: Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC) chairman S Ramesh has said that refund is attended to as a top priority by his organisation, which comes under the Department of Revenue, Union Finance Ministry. “Refund is being granted on a daily basis by online systems. IGST refund is also being done online,” he said while talking exclusively with ANI.

CBIC Chairman S Ramesh

“We are doing manual process for the Input Tax Credit (ITC) refund. People find it online but they have to come back to us with the printout and submit the details with us. We are making this process fast. We had refunded more than Rs 82,000 crore. Every month we get refund claims of Rs 2000-3000 crore on an average. Refund of only Rs 160 crore is left, which we are trying to process as soon as possible,” he added.


“Currently we are processing the refund in both ways, online and manually. We are going to completely change this to online. If we are able to make the refund system completely online, then our refund will be smooth and faster. We are working with GSTN and soon we will make refund process completely online,” he said.


Talking e-way bill frauds, Ramesh said, “We are behind the people who are committing frauds. We have unearthed a substantial number of e-way bill frauds. The state governments are also checking the e-way bills. We are doing lots of tax analytics. We are doing analytics of all the data we have and trying to chase the frauds. We are very successful in taking on fraudsters. We have taken strict action against them.”


“We expect that the GST collection of more than Rs 1 lakh crore trend will continue. We are trying to control tax evasion. With the combine efforts of states, we are trying to minimize tax evasion and increase the GST revenue collection,” said Ramesh.