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Maha now second after Tamil Nadu in quota quantum “ranking”

Mumbai: The passage of a bill proposing 16 per cent reservation in education and government jobs for Marathas in Maharashtra Legislature Thursday has now made the state second in the country in terms of quota quantum.

Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis had earlier hinted at the government’s decision to table the Maratha reservation bill in the state assembly.

Haryana which offers 67 per cent reservations, used to be second in the list, followed by Telangana where the quantum of quota rose to 62 per cent last year, an official said.

With the passage of the Maratha quota bill, the reservation quantum in Maharashtra will rise to 68 per cent, just a per cent less than Tamil Nadu, which tops the tally with 69 per cent reservations in various categories.

In Rajasthan, the quota quantum rose to 54 per cent last year after that government increased reservations for Gujjars and four other backward communities, the official said.

Asked how Maharashtra government will defend the increase in reservations in court, the official said, “If needed, we can submit strong data supporting our decision of awarding 16 per cent quota to Marathas.”

“The Supreme Court, in a 1992 order, had put a cap on reservations in government jobs and education at 50 per cent.

But in an order in July 2010, it allowed states to exceed that limit, provided they had solid scientific data to justify the increase,” the official said.


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