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7th Pay Commission: Pay hike could be BJP’s secret weapon

New Delhi: As the general election approaches, BJP is readying a major push to advance a key policy to raising pay for central government employees beyond 7th Pay Commission recommendations.

PM Modi is likely to declare pay hike this year.

This could be PM Modi’s trump card to bring over 10 million central government employees and pensioners to vote and support the BJP in the general elections 2019.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is seeking to win a second term in the general elections, is likely to declare to raise the pay this year, benefiting some 10 million people and their family members.

The central government employees are traditionally portrayed as the core of BJP’s support base.

Speaking to The Sen Times , a top government official said the long-expected pay hike will happen in this year.

According to government, a person needs to earn at least the subsistence level “to have a chance to live on this pay, and if that’s not the case it is not normal,” he said and added, “BJP is widely expected to win in the general elections 2019.”

He said the government will propose increasing the pay, especially minimum pay after state assemblies elections.

Currently the minimum pay is Rs 18,000, which was recommended by the 7th Pay Commission, while the government will raise the minimum pay to Rs 20,000.

The new pay will be boosted by fitment factor 2.85 times of basic pay of 6th pay commission instead of current fitment factor 2.57 times.

The change would affect “the lower level employees,” he told us.

However, the Indian economy has been hit hard in recent years by rising oil prices, the rupee current hitting a record low against the US dollar, note ban and GST implementation.

While the economy has come out of recession, it has not led to an increase in quality of life in spite of pay hike.


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