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Burari deaths: Crime Branch probing matter from all angles

New Delhi: The Crime Branch of Delhi Police on Monday said it is investigating the Burari multiple death case from various angles.

Crime Branch of Delhi Police today said it is investigating the Burari multiple death case from various angles.

Crime Branch sources said, “According to CCTV footage, a delivery man came to the house to deliver food at 10:40 pm. No one came inside or went outside the house, before the local man who found the bodies in the morning.”

The sources also said the family of the man whom one of the deceased was due to marry will also be interrogated.

“Call data records of the family members and search history on the internet are being scrutinized,” the sources added.

Police is also investigating the case from the angle of the family’s spiritual or mystical practices.
Some handwritten notes were also found at the house. The notes mentioned ways of attaining salvation. It is here to note that the bodies were found in the same way mentioned in the notes.

“It’s also being investigated whose handwriting was there in diary (notes pointing towards observance of spiritual/mystical practices). Why it was written and from where the information came is also being probed,” the sources said.

The postmortem of six of the eleven bodies has been completed. Police sources have mentioned ‘ligature hanging’ as the reason of death and that there were no signs of struggle found. The family has donated their eyes.

Family friend Navneet Batra told media, “First thing we did was to donate their eyes that could provide eyesight to 22 people, considering the family was religious and always wanted to help others. We gave approval letter yesterday.”

The 11 bodies were recovered from a house in the Burari area of New Delhi on Sunday morning. The bodies include seven women and four men whose mouths, eyes and hands of few were tied up and taped.

The Bhatia family was originally from Rajasthan.

They used to ran a grocery shop and plywood business in Burari’s Sant Nagar. They have been living in the area for the last two decades.

The house was neither ransacked, nor any precious item, including mobile phones were found missing, police said.

Based on the facts and circumstances, a case of murder was registered at Police Station Burari.

A Board of Doctors was also constituted to conduct post-mortem.



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