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Over 42,000 answer sheets disappear ahead of Bihar Board results

Gopalganj (Bihar): As many as 42,000 copies of the Class 10 examination have disappeared from one of the evaluation centres in Bihar’s Gopalganj a day before the declaration of results by the Bihar School Examination Board.

Principal of S S Balika Inter School, Pramod Kumar Srivastav arrested in Patna in connection with misplacing of answer sheets.

The principal of S S Balika Inter School, Pramod Kumar Srivastav, was arrested in connection with the same.

216 bundles, amounting to approximately 42,000 answer sheets, went missing on Tuesday.

The information about the disappearance of the answer sheets surfaced when the Bihar School Examination Board sought to examine the answer sheets of some students.

The principal of the school was summoned to Patna for investigation in the case, upon the completion of which, he was arrested and handed back to the Gopalganj police for further investigation.

Srivastav had earlier lodged an FIR in connection with the incident in the city police station against a guard and a peon who worked at the school. He also blamed a conspiracy against him to be behind the disappearance of the answer sheets.

“This has been an ideal examination centre in previous examinations. Some people were jealous of that and they hatched a conspiracy against me, so they committed this crime in the middle of the night,” Srivastav had told ANI.

The Bihar Board class 10th examinations were held between 21 February and 28 February, and the results were scheduled to be released on Wednesday, June 20. However, in the wake of the incident, the results would now be declared on June 26.


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