7th Pay Commission: Railway employees union continues on 72-hour hunger strike for third day

New Delhi: Railway employees’ relay hunger strike entered the third day on Thursday. They are showing resistance towards various government policies, on hunger strike. The 72-hour-long strike started on Tuesday. The members of All India Railwaymen’s Federation (AIRF) seen holding the protest at its respective branches across India.

All-India Railwaymen’s Federation members including General Secretary Shiv Gopal Mishra during a 72-hour relay hunger strike on Thursday.

“The protest is being held on the back of non-implementation of various provisions under the 7th Pay Commission and privatisation of the entire railways, which is a lifeline of the nation,” the railway employees said.

The members of AIRF said that despite holding several meetings with home minister, finance minister, railway minister and minister of state for railways, no action has been taken to hike in minimum pay and fitment factor. “It has been over two years and nothing has been done yet,” the members said.

Railway employees are also demanding to remove new pension scheme and bring guaranteed pension and family pension to all employees, irrespective of their date of appointment.

Meanwhile, the union leaders added that if their demands were not met in time, then the strike may take form of ‘Rail-Roko’ movement. “A decision in this regard would be taken by the central AIRF leadership, which will be accepted across India,” they said.