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Signs that your partner looking for new encounter!

New Delhi: If you feel something’s missing in your relationship with your spouse, and he/she is not acting normal, then don’t need to just go and spy on that person.

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Representative image

Instead, just look for some signals, whether he/she is looking for relationship outside marriage or not., a dating website and app exclusively for married people, brings forth some signs for you to get a better understanding:

  1. Your partner suddenly takes care of him/her: Your partner changes his/her haircut, perfume, buys new clothes, gets back to sport.

  2. Your partner spends more time on social networks: Your partner spends more time exchanging with virtual friends than with you and seems to follow/add as a friend a lot of new people that you’ve never heard about.

  3. Your partner is less affectionate with you: Your intimate life is not as good as it used to be and your partner is less in demand than usual. Less kisses, hugs, compliments etc.

  4. Your partner never leaves his phone: In the kitchen, in front of the TV, in the bathroom, your partner always keeps his/her phone on him/her and always in silent mode.

  5. Your partner is difficult to reach: You have difficulty reaching your partner during the day. You often go straight to the voicemail and your partner always have a new explanation for this lack of availability.

  6. Your partner is very moody: Your partner can be very sweet and attentive, and suddenly very aggressive and distant.

This is often a sign that your partner is torn between the guilt of looking for another relationship and the desire to make a new encounter and the fact that you’re keeping him/her from doing it.

7. Your partner doesn’t act natural: Your partner has a different body language and doesn’t look you in the eye. He/her seems very uncomfortable when you ask questions about his/her schedule and tries to have an answer to everything.


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