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Uniforms are now must for cops while on duty

Bengaluru: Karnataka police chief R K Dutta has issued directions for police to always be in uniform while on duty , including while inspecting crime spots and addressing the media.

Karnataka police chief R K Dutta
Karnataka police chief R K Dutta

His instructions have come in response to police officers routinely seen wearing casual dress during duty hours.

“This casual approach towards `Dress Code’ while performing duties by the police officers of any rank is viewed seriously and cannot be allowed to continue,’ Dutta said in a circular issued recently. “It is being noticed that some of the senior as well as junior police officers are attending police duties, including visits to scenes of offences, attending press briefings, etc., in casual dress. They are noticed even wearing casual sports dress while on duty . Such improper dressing while on duty speaks of the casual attitude of the police officers and adversely impacts the image of the police,“ Dutta said.

Once every year, the police department provides clothing material for two pairs of uniform.

Police officers, however, have said that the material is typically of low quality and they have to pay from their pockets for better clothing, using the department-issued material for stitching pillow and bed covers instead.

Until November, the police department provided Rs 100 each for monthly maintenance of uniforms. In December, this was increased to Rs 500.


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