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Maha govt issues stringent guidelines to check transfer delays

Mumbai: To contain the delay in officers joining their new departments after their transfer, the Maharashtra government has issued stern directives, including discontinuing the official’s service record until he complies with the order.

Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis.
Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis.

Once a transfer order of an official is issued by the General Administration department (GAD), it will be imperative on the concerned department to take immediate cognisance of it, a GAD official said.

“If at all the order is not complied with, the concerned department will have to submit the GAD reasons for not doing so. The GAD will then take suitable action,” the official said.

“If the GAD is bypassed and a report is directly submitted to the Chief Minister, the report’s cognisance will not be taken,” he added.

As per the official, if the concerned department does not relieve the official who has been transferred, the GAD will supersede the particular department and issue his relieving orders.

“From the date of issue of order, until the concerned official joins the new department, the official’s service record will be discontinued and this will be recorded in his service book,” the official said.

He further said the records of discontinuation of the official will be deleted from his service book only if the new department gives satisfactory reasons for the delay in joining the new assignment.

“Any reason from the officer’s previous department will not be considered,” added the official.

He also said once the order of transfer of an official has been issued, the official will not receive his salary from his previous department.

“His salary will be released only by his new department. If at all the salary is released by the previous department, the immediate officer releasing the salary will be held responsible,” he said.

The official said once the GAD issues a transfer order, the official will not need to take a relieving order from his department and it would be binding on him to join his new department immediately.

The official who does not abide by the order of the GAD will be liable for a departmental inquiry,


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