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Ensure timely inspections in deptt: CBDT to taxman

New Delhi: The CBDT has issued a stern directive to the taxman to ensure that targets related to inspection and vigilance in the I-T department are completed on time as there has been a shortfall of about 70 per cent in these initiatives in the last few years.

CBDT Chairman Sushil Chandra
CBDT Chairman Sushil Chandra

A communication in this regard has been issued by new CBDT Chairman Sushil Chandra to all the regional I-T chiefs recently.

“Vigilance…is not a stand-alone activity and the focus on vigilance should not be limited to the duration of the vigilance awareness week (Oct 31-Nov 5) only.It is a management function to be exercised by all supervisory authorities for overall risk management in any organisation.

“A supervisory officer cannot absolve himself from vicarious liability if the supervisor who has the right, ability or duty to control the activities of a subordinate does not take steps to prevent the acts of misdemeanour by the subordinate,” the CBDT boss wrote.

He added the initiatives in this regard in the tax department have not been up to the mark in the recent past as “inspections and reviews are important preventive vigilance functions and periodical inspections of the work of a subordinate can give timely alerts about any wrongdoing by officers.”

“However, I am constrained to point out that the laid down procedure for conducting inspections/reviews by the Chief Commissioners, the Commissioners and the Additional Commssioners is not being followed and only about 25 per cent-30 per cent of the targeted inspections have been conducted in the past 2-3 years.

“I request you to give your immediate attention to this area and ensure that the targets and timelines in this regard are strictly adhered to,” he wrote.

Chandra also invited suggestions from the field formations to enhance vigilance measures in the department.


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