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BJP to milk demonetisation for upcoming polls

New Delhi: BJP intends to make PM Narendra Modi’s ‘surgical strike’ on black money a focal point in the forthcoming round of state elections by pitching the move as a strong measure against corruption and illegal wealth on behalf of honest citizens.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said checking the menace of corruption is the focus of his government.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s surgical strike against black money.

A top party source said on Thursday that BJP will utilise the government’s demonetisation of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes without any hesitation. “Hum iski to thok kar faida lenge (we will use it to the hilt),” the source said. The BJP leader saw demonetisation as having a major effect on the forthcoming polls where he felt powerful regional players would be hit.

The party sees the measure playing well with most people. “Merely 10% might be unhappy but they will have to fall in line and turn law abiding citizens,” the source said. Seeing the move as a bold step that previous governments have shied from, BJP feels the measure is an image boost for Modi and a decisive response to any lingering allegations that he leads a pro-rich “suit-boot ki sarkar”.

With the targets of the demonetisation seen as exploiters and the unscrupulous rich, BJP feels the move addresses the right constituencies even if it discomfits some in the trading communities that have backed the party.

“BJP will take full advantage or political gains from the impact of the move geared to help the honest, common man,” the leader said.


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