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IAS officer’s wife gets I-T notice for Rs 10 lakh online shopping

Bhopal: Senior IAS officer’s wife got a notice from Income Tax Department over her Rs 10 lakh online shopping activity.

Representative image
Representative image

As per the report of The Times of India, While Madhya Pradesh unit of income tax department officials claim that she had ordered products worth Rs 10 lakh in a small period of time, those close to the IAS officer say that his wife suffers from compulsive buying disorder – a psycholo-gical disorder characterized by an obsession with shopping that causes adverse consequences.

The IAS officer’s wife files her own income tax return every year but she has not responded show cause notice till to date.

Online shoppers tend to leave a digital trail that is available to income tax officials, who use a smart software to map an individual’s spending, said Income Tax officials.

The spending data can be matched with taxes paid and evaders+ can be caught.


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