PM gives nod to extend doctors’ retirement age to 65-years

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday approved the proposal of extending the retirement age of all doctors of the Central Health Service to 65 years.

Picture for representational purpose only.
Picture for representational purpose only.

The proposal made by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare will be effective from May 31, 2016.

This will enable the Government to retain experienced doctors for a longer period, and to provide better services in its public health facilities, particularly to the poorest, who are entirely dependent on public facilities.

Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare J P Nadda stated that this step will empower the Government to strengthen the healthcare sector in the country.

“It will help in providing additional doctors in the health pool of the country,” he said.

Nadda added that this will strengthen the efforts of the Ministry in conceptualising and rolling out various people-oriented schemes which l need the services of doctors in implementing them.

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