Chennai Customs website hacked by ‘Team Pak Cyber Attacker’

Chennai: In a major embarrassment, the website of the Chennai Customs was hacked on Tuesday night by programmers identifying themselves as “Team Pak Cyber Attacker”.

The  hacked Chennai Customs website image shows the Indian flag in flames.
The hacked Chennai Customs website image shows the Indian flag in flames.

The home page of the Chennai Customs website ( had a message “Struck By Faisal 1337. CHENNAI CUSTOMS HOUSE Hacked! Pakistan Zindabad. We Are Team Pak Cyber Attacker. Security is just an illusion.”

The Chennai Customs website, supposed to be one of the most secure websites in India under supervision of Finance Ministry.

The website has still not been restored. In a late night statement, a senior Customs official said the site provides only general information to the public and that there was no threat to any sensitive information. “Some years ago, the Delhi Airport Customs’ site was hacked and defaced,” he added.

Chennai City Police said, they had not received any complaint from the Customs, so they cannot conduct any investigation for this matter.

The Chennai Customs said, “senior officials of Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC) in New Delhi are aware that the official website of Chennai Customs has been hacked and defaced and necessary remedial measures are underway to restore it.”

The cyber law experts in Delhi said that the cyber attack on the Chennai Customs website is serious issue and that the government should look into it.

Speaking on the issue, a cyber law expert also added the hacking of customs website is an act of cyber war. “I think this is not a mere hacking incident. It is a step towards a cyber war,” he said.