Now, use your lungs and eyes to ‘drink’ booze!

Washington: A new walk-in chamber in the UK lets people breathe in a cloud of alcoholic mist, absorbing booze into their bloodstream via lungs and eyes.

Breathe it all in at Alcoholic Architecture Source : Bompas and Parr
Breathe it all in at Alcoholic Architecture
Source : Bompas and Parr
The Alcoholic Architecture bar is described as the “world’s first alcoholic weather system for your tongue, where meteorology and mixology collide.”

The installation at London’s Borough Market and on the site of an ancient monastery will open later this month and the drinks list will be entirely comprised of spirits and beers created by monks.

Each person will wear a cape with a hood to protect their clothes and hair from getting damp and smelling of alcohol.

Powerful humidifiers are used to super-saturate the air with a cloud composed of fine spirits and mixers at a ratio of 1:3. Inside the chamber, a humidity of 140 per cent means that visibility is reduced to less than a metre.

The alcohol in the mist will be absorbed through the body’s mucus membranes, the lungs and eyeballs.

According to Bompas & Parr, the duo behind the Alcoholic Architecture, visitors will need to consume 40 per cent less alcohol in this way than if they were having a drink to feel the same effect due to the alcohol bypassing the liver.

There are also said to be “gustatory (taste) and dietary benefits” to breathing alcohol rather than drinking it.

Bompas & Parr said it worked with respiratory scientists and chemists to calculate safe mist exposure times for visitors.

Around 40 minutes in the chamber will equate to having a large drink and guests will be limited to a single one hour visit per day.

It will cost USD 20 to enter and will remain open for six months.