Maharashtra has highest number of suicides in India: NCRB

New Delhi: Maharashtra accounted for the highest estimated number of suicides in India in 2014 and Chennai heads the list among cities, according to data of National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) which found that 15 suicides took place every hour in India during last year.

NCRB  Director General IPS officer Archana Ramasundaram
NCRB Director General IPS officer Archana Ramasundaram
Maharashtra saw 16,307 suicide cases in 2014 followed by Tamil Nadu (16,122) and West Bengal (14,310), the data said.

The percentage break-up of the three states’ share vis-a- vis the suicide tally stood at 12.4, 12.2 and 10.9, respectively.

Among the mega cities, which have a population of over 10 lakh, Chennai reported the highest number of suicides with 2,214 deaths followed by Bengaluru (1,906), Delhi (1,847), Mumbai (1,196) and Bhopal (1,064).

The rate of suicide in cities was marginally higher at 12.8 per cent as compared to the all-India suicide rate of 10.6 per cent, the report added.

The data of NCRB also said that as many as 69.7 per cent of those who committed suicide had an annual income of less than Rs 1 lakh while one out of every six persons who took the extreme step last year was a housewife.

It revealed that ‘family problems’ (other than that linked to marriage) contributed to 21.7 per cent of the suicides while illness related-issues were behind suicides in 18 per cent of the total cases reported last year.

Data also shows that one out of every six suicide cases was a housewife and the overall male-to-female ratio for suicides during the 2014 was 68:32.

The highest cases of suicide, 19.7 per cent, was seen among the self-employed with housewives accounting for 15.3 per cent of the total, daily wagers 12 per cent, salaried persons 7.4 per cent, students 6.1 per cent and retired people 0.7 per cent.

As many as 69.7 per cent of those who ended their life had an annual income of less than Rs 1 lakh while 26.9 per cent had an annual income of between Rs 1 to Rs 5 lakh, the report said.

Talking about patterns, 41.8 per cent people committed suicide by hanging, 26 per cent by taking poison, 6.9 per cent by self-immolation, 5.6 per cent by drowning themselves and 1.1 per cent by jumping off buildings or in front of trains.

While 20.2 per cent were matriculate, 19 per cent were primary school pass-outs. Also, 14.3 per cent persons who committed suicide lat year were illiterate with another 11 per cent being intermediate pass-outs, the report added.