Customs official’s daughter makes it to civil service officer

Varanasi: Preeti Mishra, the daughter of a customs official from Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh, has made it to the civil service officer.

Customs official's daughter, Preeti Mishra got 526nd rank in Civil Services examination.
Customs official’s daughter, Preeti Mishra got 526nd rank in Civil Services examination.

Preeti, daughter of P N Mishra, former superintendent of central excise, has given customs and central Excise department reasons to feel proud by attaining the 562nd rank in the open merit list of the All India Civil Services Examination in 2014. A total of 1236 candidates have been successful in clearing the examination.

The results are based on the written part of Civil Services Examination, 2014 held by the UPSC in December, 2014 and the interviews for Personality Test held in April-June, 2015.

In order of merit, candidates have been recommended for appointment to: (i) Indian Administrative Service; (ii) Indian Foreign Service; (iii) Indian Police Service; and (iv) Central Services, Group ‘A’ and Group ‘B’.

It is the first time that the Commission declared the final results within four days of the closing date of the personality tests or interviews. About 9 lakh candidates had applied for the exams. The examination is conducted annually by the UPSC to select officers for IAS, IFS and IPS among others.

Citing her father as her immense source of inspiration behind her success, Preeti, a Bachelor of Pharmacy from Harish Chandra Postgraduate College, Varanasi, had the sole goal of making it to the Civil service officer.

But the dream did not just happen. It involved the toil and sweat of Preeti and also his parents. At his time of elation, she, in all humility attributes her success to his father and mother Parvati’s support –than to his hard work.

Preeti's parents former customs and central excise superintendent P N Mishra and Parvati
Preeti’s parents former customs and central excise superintendent P N Mishra and Parvati

Her dream is to work for poor. “I want to be a Civil Service officer. I want to do something for the benefit of poor people, old people, disabled people, basically everybody who needs help,” she told The Sen Times.

“I’m extremely satisfied with my success. I’m looking forward to joining the training which will soon begin,” she added.

She also said, “I decided to get into civil services when I was a child and the dream has come true today. It is my also my first attempt, and I’m glad I have cleared it.”

Meanwhile, in the congratulatory messages from colleagues of P N Mishra, saying his daughter Preeti had done the proud of customs and central excise fraternity by getting 526nd rank in civil service exam, 2014, despite he was subjected to a lot of harassment in respect of transfers-postings by the bosses of customs and central excise department to disturb his daughter Preeti’s concentration in studies.

P N Mishra retired in December, 2013 on superannuation as superintendent from Customs and Central excise department, Khatima, Udham Singh Nagar district, Uttarakhand.