MPs surprised by quick bail for Salman Khan in hit-and-run case

New Delhi: The quick bail for Salman Khan in the hit-and-run case surprised some of the members of Parliament.

Mega Star Salman Khan
Mega Star Salman Khan

Congress MP from Lok Sabha M I Shanavas raised the issue in Zero Hour, highlighting how the film star got the bail when the justice delivery system is not as proactive in case of a common prisoner or the poor.

Shanavas did not take Salman’s name but spoke of a “mega star”, said the “celebrity” was granted interim bail hours after his conviction by the court in a hit-and-run case at a time when over 2.73 lakh undertrials are languishing in jails.

The government should implement a recent Supreme Court direction to grant bail to undertrials who have spent half the sentence of the crime had they been convicted.

Salman Khan was convicted and handed out a five-year sentence.

According to law, when a person is sentenced to three years or below, the Code of Criminal Procedure allows the trial court to suspend the sentence to enable the accused to file an appeal in the higher court.

But where a five-year sentence is handed out, that rule does not apply and the accused is taken into custody forthwith .

The Bombay High Court’s order on Wednesday allowing him to go home the same day and it’s order Friday suspending his sentence pending final disposal of his appeal, without his having served any time, is very unusual.

Legal processes must be respected and the law must apply equally to everyone.