Junior staff face biometric attendance discrimination

New Delhi: Junior staff in Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) are facing biometric attendance discrimination as senior officers are exempted from biometric attendance in national capital.

DG CRPF Prakash Mishra
DG CRPF Prakash Mishra

The newly installed biometric system for marking attendance at the CRPF headquarters has not gone down well with junior staff.

Only officials below the ranks of commandant are required to mark their attendance on the system and senior officers are exempted.

The Mod government has taken a revolutionary step to ensure improved work culture in the central government offices. The government launched an online biometric attendance system which can track the attendance of employees.

The attendance can be checked and tracked online through attendance.gov.in, and the website is accessible to general public as well. It is filled with lots of information including the ability to check the number of employees that are present on the day.

But the biometric system in other Central government departments and ministries has no such discrimination with even secretary-level officers marking their daily attendance.

To make the biometric system work in small towns also– which needs constant internet connectivity, the government is working on making Wifi connectivity available at all the offices including small towns, and SIM-based connectivity for employees using gadgets.

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