Four women IPS officers appointed in anti-graft watchdog to curb corruption

Bengaluru: Karnataka Lokayukta (anti-graft watchdog) appointed four women superintendents of police out of the five present for curbing corruption.

IPS officer Sonia Narang
IPS officer Sonia Narang

This is for the first time in the history of the Karnataka Lokayukta that four women IPS officers have posted it to the police wing.

Sonia Narang is the SP for the Bengaluru Lokayukta police wing; Dr M Ashwini is the SP for the Bengaluru Rural district Lokayukta police wing; K P Anjali heads the Petition Inquiry section in the Lokayukta’s office; and Seema Latkar will be SP-1, as the administrative head of the Lokayukta police wing.

A top official in the Lokayukta said that there’s a perception among public that women are more serious, honest and fair in their approach.

“All of them have been selected on the basis of merit and they are already demonstrating what difference they can make to the institution. The four women IPS officers also have good track record.” the senior official added.

He also said, “The Lokayukta has done the right job by empowering women police officers. This will definitely motivate the others.”

“We believe the women SPs are strong and nobody should take it as weakness. And this is a strong message in empowering female officers in the force,” Justice Subhash B Adi, Upa Lokayukta said.

Interestingly, the Transparency International’s global corruption survey found that women perceive higher levels of corruption than men, especially when it comes to positions in leadership.