Fascinating story of fake IAS officer stayed in LBSNAA for 6 Months

Dehradun: The alleged security breach in Mussoorie’s prestigious Lal Bahadur Shastri Administrative Academy (LBSNAA) got murkier with the woman, who stayed there masquerading as an IAS probationer for over six months.

Ruby Chaudhry, who allegedly stayed at the LBSNAA in Mussoorie by using a fake ID.
Ruby Chaudhry, who allegedly stayed at the LBSNAA in Mussoorie by using a fake ID.

The civil service recruits training academy learnt about the woman and her prolonged stay at the institute when she had already left on March 27.

The matter came to light when administrative officer of the institute Satyavir Singh lodged an FIR in this connection at Mussoorie police station on March 31.

Appearing in television news channels on April 1, the woman identified her as Ruby Chaudhry, who stayed in LBSNAA, Mussoorie as IAS probationary officer.

On the basis of documents provided to the police by the LBSNAA, Chaudhry was in possession of an Identity Card issued by the Nainital-based Administrative Training Institute.

The ID-card was under the name of Ruby Chaudhry, SDM. According to the FIR, she was illegally staying on the LBSNAA’s campus since September 2014.

News about her alleged illegal stay inside the campus was first reported by security personnel on March 27. She was said to always introduce herself either as an IAS officer or Library employee during her stay at LBSNAA.

Chaudhry, who hailed from Kutubi village in Muzaffarnagar district, Uttar Pradesh- was always keen to boast about her “credentials”, which in reality were fake.

She uploaded a newspaper clipping from January 2014 in which it was claimed that Chaudhry had obtained 10th rank in the Uttarakhand Public Services Examination and was heading for the Uttarakhand Academy of Administration to be trained as a Sub Divisional Magistrate.

Later, Chaudhry returned to her village and claimed that she had dropped out of the training programme as she suffered some injuries.

She then told the villagers and her family members that she was leaving for Mussoorie to be trained as an IAS officer at the Lal Bahadur Shastri Academy.

In her Facebook post last November,Chaudhry also claimed that she was no longer an SDM, but a DM.

The post, titled ‘Ruby IAS’, featured Chaudhry’s photograph in which she was wearing a black half-jacket and holding a Smartphone.

On her Facebook page Chaudhry had reportedly uploaded a photograph that showed her in the attire of a civil services trainee.

The group photograph along with President Pranab Mukherjee – shot at the Lal Bahadur Shastri Academy – was posted in December last year.

Ruby Chaudhry (circled) was pictured with Prez Pranab Mukherjee at the academy in 2014.
Ruby Chaudhry (circled) was pictured with Prez Pranab Mukherjee at the academy in 2014.

Chaudhry has claimed that the Academy’s Deputy Director Saurav Jain had offered her a job in return for Rs 20 lakh.

“I was offered a job so I had gone to the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration. My belongings were there in the room, but I stayed for seven to eight days,” she claimed on Thursday before Uttarakhand police.

Chaudhry also told police that she had paid Rs 5 lakh to Jain, who had promised her a job at the Lal Bahadur Shastri Academy’s library.

She further alleged that it was Jain who had got her the identity card for Uttarakhand Academy of Administration in Nainital.

Chaudhry claimed that she has received calls from unknown people who offered her Rs 5 crore for withdrawing the allegations against Jain.

On his part, Jain said all the allegations against him were baseless.

“I completely deny all the allegations. I will take action as per law, including filing of defamation case,” Jain said.

However, Uttarakhand DGP B S Sidhu said an SIT headed by a woman SP-CID officer, S Ansari, has been constituted to look into this case and a clearer picture would emerge only after two-three days.

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