CBI probe begins into IAS officer D K Ravi’s death

Bengaluru: CBI has begun its probe into the mysterious death of IAS officer D K Ravi as its junior officers have taken possession of all the documents, including the FIR, police report, statements of those probed by the CID, and its final report.

File Photo : IAS officer D K Ravi with wife
File Photo : IAS officer D K Ravi with wife

The CBI is now preparing a list of people it will be questioning over the next two weeks. They include the driver of Ravi’s official car, family members, staff and representatives of firms that were being probed by the officer.

“We are yet to go through the Karnataka Police CID report in detail. We have asked for more files concerning the case. Prima facie, there are several loose ends and we need to tie them up. For instance, Ravi’s driver Elangovan was missing from the scene for a few days. Later, he surfaced and gave his statement to the Bengaluru Police. We need to know the reasons,” sources in the CBI said.

Similarly, it is not clear why there was a time gap (of 45 minutes) between the arrival of Ravi’s wife to the apartment and her father on the day the officer died (March 16). It is said that Ravi’s wife came early and waited for her father before opening the door to the apartment, using duplicate keys.

“We need to establish why she (Ravi’s wife) waited till his father-in-law turned up. Did the family already suspect anything was wrong? We need to establish these facts,” the sources added.

The CBI made it clear that it would spare none connected with the case.

“It is evident that the case was botched up from day one ever since Ravi’s private life came to the public domain through media leaks. If required, we will be summoning representatives of all those companies which were being probed by Ravi for alleged tax evasion. We do not want any more loopholes,” sources added.

“We will need at least a week’s time to prepare the list of people to be questioned. We have already commenced our preliminary work,” a CBI official said.

A team of CBI officers from New Delhi and Chennai have been tasked with the case. The statements of Ravi’s family members, his batchmates, staff and friends will be recorded in Bengaluru by CBI.

In a bid to avoid media glare and unnecessary commotion, the representatives of the realty firms, which were under Ravi’s scanner, will be summoned to Chennai CBI office for interrogation.

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