Govt asks retiring employees to share their experiences

New Delhi:All central government employees retiring within next six months have been asked to share experiences and good work done by them during their tenure.

DoPT Secretary Sanjay-Kothari
DoPT Secretary Sanjay-Kothari
The Ministry of Personnel (DoPT) has launched an online platform ‘Anubhav’ for the retiring central government employees to showcase “commendable” work done by them during their service.

“Officers retiring within six months are requested to submit a write up of not more than 5,000 words along with appropriate attachments where needed, on the online portal,” the Office Memorandum No.21/04/2015-CS.I(P) issued today, said.

All ministries may request Central Secretariat Service (CSS) and Central Secretariat Stenographers Service (CSSS) officers retiring within six months to submit the write up providing details of their work that has contributed to the efficiency, economy and effectiveness in government functioning or any innovation which led to improved work culture or any other contribution considered significant by them, it said.

A total of 437 officials are retiring in the next six months.

It is envisaged that sharing ‘anubhav’ (experience) would provide satisfaction to the retiring employee and also act as a motivator for serving employees.

“This would also be a wonderful opportunity to garner the resource of retiring employees for voluntary contribution to nation building post-retirement,” the Personnel Ministry said.