Adverse health effects from mobile phone radiation

New Delhi: The India Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has informed that it has been reported in number of studies that the exposure to radiation from mobile phones causes adverse health effects.

Health Minister J P Nadda
Health Minister J P Nadda

“But there is no conclusive data available so far on this issue, however, the growing body of scientific evidences indicates some bio-effects and possible adverse health effects of radio frequency radiation (RFR) which merit further investigations,” Health Minister J P Nadda said in a written reply to the Rajya Sabha.

Even the World Health Organisation after reviewing the studies published from 2000 to May 31, 2011 classified the radio frequency-electromagnetic radiations emitted from wireless phone under group 2 B-carcinogen category.

ICMR has further informed that there is no scientific confirmed evidence that use of mobile phones causes mental and physical diseases. There is no proven scientific evidence yet to suggest that electromagnetic radiations emitted from mobile phone may lead to cancer, tumour, mental imbalance, dementia, headache and even it can damage DNA of a person.

He said ICMR is conducting a multi-disciplinary cohort study in Delhi and National Capital Region to find out adverse effects of RFR, if any, emitted from cell phone on adult Indian population.

The RFR emitted from various cell phones will be correlated with the clinical and laboratory findings to examine whether use of cell phone is associated with reproductive dysfunctions, male infertility, neurological disorders, cardiovascular disorders, ENT disorders and promote cancer, if any, in human volunteers.