GAIL officer arrested for taking bribe

New Delhi: CBI today arrested an officer of Gas Authority of India Limited for allegedly receiving bribe of Rs 1 lakh at his residence for favouring a contractor.

CBI Director Anil Kumar Sinha
CBI Director Anil Kumar Sinha
CBI sources said Ashok Kumar Lal, designated as competent authority of GAIL, had allegedly demanded Rs 5 lakh as bribe from a person for clearing compensation of land owner whose land is used for laying the gas pipeline.

Sources said the officer, who had come on deputation from UP Government, had allegedly demanded the bribe to be delivered at his residence in Noida for clearing claims of Rs 44 lakh from the land owner.

Getting the information, CBI laid a trap and arranged cash of Rs 1 lakh while rest of the four lakh comprised of “baby” currency and plain papers.

When the money was delivered at his residence, CBI team carried out a raid and arrested Lal red handed this evening.