Secretaries asked to visit to their first postings to assess change on ground

New Delhi: All secretary-level officers have been asked by the Narendra Modi-led BJP government to visit district of their first posting and present a report card on progress with a view to improving implementation of government programmes.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi with  secretaries
Prime Minister Narendra Modi with secretaries
A directive was issued in this respect by department of personnel and training (DoPT) last week. The DoPT directive has come two months after PM Modi met secretaries of all ministries and departments and suggested that they must visit the place of their first posting for a couple of days as this would help them provide several new policy making insights.

There are 93 secretaries at the Centre and all are expected to visit places where they served several years ago.

The idea behind the move to send secretaries to these places is to make a ground assessment of how central schemes can be tweaked or improved so that people at large get maximum benefit.

The secretaries are expected to meet locals as well as IAS officers at the ground level and record their observations in a report.

“It will be an official tour and we are allowed to take spouse and children. It will be a nice experience to find how much has changed on the ground,” a secretary said.

The DoPT asked all secretaries to “feel the difference” and recommend changes to make the central schemes more beneficial and impactful.

The DoPT also said officers should visit the districts of the state where they have served for about one year.

It is learnt that Cabinet Secretary Ajit Seth has already visited the place where he first served as a young IAS officer more than 30 years ago.