It’s A 10-Yr-‘Long’ Wait For Promotion Of 21,000 Delhi Cops

New Delhi: About 21,000 of Delhi cops, in the nearly 80,000-strong force, have been waiting for their promotion for the last 10 years.

Delhi Top Cop B S Bassi
Delhi Top Cop B S Bassi
Promotions are due for the assistant commissioners, inspectors, sub-inspectors and constables.

But it seems the top officers of the force are not bothered about the issue. Despite vacancies at various levels in the force, the personnel are not being promoted. Some of these staff are drawing salaries meant for the higher ranks even though they have not been promoted.

“I have seen IPS officers joining as ACP and then reaching the rank of Joint CP but I am still a constable. After completing 10 years in service, they do change our salary structure. But a promotion helps boost our confidence,” a constable said. “If an IPS officer was asked to stay an ACP but his salary was increased, he too will not accept it. Being promoted is a status symbol,” he added.

In a reply to an RTI query Delhi Police has admitted that there are about 6,000 vacancies in the force. There are 162 vacancies in the rank of assistant commissioner.

According to the RTI reply, there are vacancies for 3,657 constables and 1,347 head constables. At the same time, about 7,282 constables and 8,896 head constables have been waiting for their promotions for several years.

According to the reply, even though there are 1,508 vacancies for the post of sub-inspectors, 3,382 assistant sub-inspectors are waiting for their promotions.

According to a senior Delhi Police official, there are many instances where police personnel got four promotions in just a few years but many officers are still waiting for their second promotion.

“A sub-inspector got four promotions and became a deputy commissioner of police as he had good relations with various top police officials, including various commissioners.
“There’s biasness within Delhi Police. Even though there are about 6,000 vacancies, several policemen are waiting for their promotion, and senior officials are not saying anything about it,” an inspector of the force said.

“There are various inspectors and assistant commissioners of police who will retire soon.
“But so far, they have got just one or two promotions. We have informed and requested the top brass to fill in the vacancies but nothing has happened,” another top police official said.

“Recently, when few officials went to meet a special commissioner to talk about this issue, he strangely replied that we have to wait for some time as there are few vacancies,” he added.

“Delhi Police can easily promote at least 35 per cent of its personnel. But senior officials are not bothered.
“Every year several police personnel retire. That creates vacancies, but hardly 10 per cent of the vacancies are being filled through promotions,” the official said.

The number of sub-inspectors waiting for promotion is almost 30 times more than the current vacancies in the rank of inspector.

According to the RTI data, about 660 sub-inspectors are waiting for their promotions but there are only 23 vacancies in the rank of inspector.

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