IAS officer Pradeep Kasni feels ‘humiliated’ on being transfered

Gurgaon: A day after he was removed as Gurgaon divisional commissioner, senior IAS officer Pradeep Kasni has said that the move has left him humiliated.

Gurgaon Divisional Commissioner Pradeep Kasni was shunted out on Monday.
Gurgaon Divisional Commissioner Pradeep Kasni was shunted out on Monday.

    Kasni expressed surprise for being shunted out and feels humiliated for the fact that even his fresh posting orders will be released later, a statement said.

    The official was removed from his post by Manohar Lal Khattar-led BJP government yesterday after a report submitted by the officer to the state government revealed how revenue officials of the Millennium City were hand-in-glove with land-grabbers.

    The report revealed how government land worth crores in Harsaru village, which has almost become a part of the Gurgaon urban conglomerate, was illegally transferred to private companies three years ago.

    It was not taken back despite officials coming to know that the mutations of eight acres in six land deals were sanctioned in violation of orders of Punjab and Haryana high court, the statement said.

    According to the report, the officials had sought to fraudulently transfer the title of highly valuable land of state government to private companies and that the government machinery was playing into the hands of land-grabbers.

    “This again is not a mere case of administrative or professional misdemeanour but of a deeper and more malignant conspiratorial gang-up in the office of the collector in favour of the land mafias and to thwart the public interest for private gains and maybe to fulfil one’s own narrow selfish interests, for which these officials hanker after and manipulate their postings to such ‘lucrative posts’,” the report said.

    The transfer was criticised by AAP leader Yogendra Yadav who came down heavily today on the Haryana government’s decision to remove Pradeep Kasni.

    “Kasni is known to be one of the most honest IAS officers of Haryana and he was transferred after he sent a detailed report to the Haryana Chief Secretary on illegal land deals in Gurgaon,” Yadav said, asking the Haryana government to make the purported report “public”.