Published On: Wed, May 20th, 2020

Only 50% Indians comfortable about returning office: Survey

New Delhi: Only 50 per cent Indians are comfortable about returning to office and a majority will defer letting kids resume school amid coronavirus pandemic, according to a new survey.

Indian office amid coronavirus crisis

In a survey of nearly 16,000 people conducted from May 7-10, a majority of people in nine out of 16 countries said they were comfortable with going to their workplace in the coming weeks.

South Korea (82 per cent), Australia (71 per cent), China (65 per cent), Russia (63 per cent) and Germany (58 per cent) were in the top five in that list.

Brazil and Spain (48 per cent) were among the countries that are most uncomfortable with returning to workplace, according to Ipsos Global Survey.

In terms of allowing children to return to school, a majority of people in Italy and South Africa (56 per cent), Canada and Spain (53 per cent) are not comfortable with doing this in the coming weeks.

There are only two countries — Australia (59 per cent) and South Korea (49 per cent) — where people are more comfortable with allowing their children to return to school in the coming weeks.


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