Published On: Mon, Oct 29th, 2018

No govt job in Modi Raj, millions apply for hundreds low-level jobs

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi led BJP government is facing acute “job crisis” but the BJP government is refusing to admit it.

BJP swept to power in 2014 with the largest victory in three decades with a mandate to provide jobs and economic growth.

While Union Minister Nitin Gadkari said, “there are no jobs in government sector. Jobs in banks have shrunk because of information technology. Government recruitment in the ministries is frozen.”

Now, millions applied for a few hundred low-level government jobs, a worrying sign that too many people are chasing too little work in India.

Although, over 4 lakh jobs are lying vacant across various central government departments only and millions are remained vacant in the state governments also.

The low-level government jobs pay Rs 18,000 per month and involve making tea and passing files between government officers.

Academic requirements for these jobs having High School pass certificate. However people with doctorates, post-graduates and graduates are used to apply for these posts, it is hard to believe — but the truth.

The desperate scramble for jobs poses a challenge for BJP government. The BJP swept to power in 2014 with the largest victory in three decades with a mandate to provide jobs and economic growth, is now facing its tough contest so far in General Elections 2019.

India is a very young country. Half of its population is under the age of 25. Two-thirds are less than 35.

This so-called demographic dividend is one reason that some economists predict India will enjoy higher levels of growth than rivals, such as China, as they cope with ageing populations. However, unless jobs can be found for this vast workforce then this prized asset could turn into a crippling burden.

70 million people apply for government jobs each year but only thousands may get job. Recently 23.7 million people applied for 1.2 hundred thousand railway jobs for Group C and D categories.

People are taking interest to get government jobs on the ground that the government job is seen as an attractive place to work because it is difficult to fire employees.


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