Published On: Fri, Oct 5th, 2018

‘Around 80,000 linens get stolen every year from trains’

Mumbai: Thefts of linen and sanitary fittings are posing a big challenge before the Indian Railways.

Ravindra Bhakar Western Railway Chief PR Officer

More than 80,000 linens provided to the passengers for use during the journey get stolen in both general and air-conditioned coaches, incurring a loss of Rs 1.5 crore to the public exchequer each year.

Railway officials say that such losses are hampering the provision of a luxury experience to their guests.

Speaking to ANI, Western Railway Chief PR Officer Ravindra Bhakar said, “It is very unfortunate that each year basic items such as linens and sanitary products are stolen by the passengers. We always strive to provide good traveling experience but such thefts pose a problem for us.”

Since coach attendants on trains have to pay from their own pockets if even one linen goes missing, the Railways is now appealing to the public to ensure that no such incident occurs, Bhakar informed.

In case passengers happen to find any person breaching the laws and stealing railway properties they should immediately bring it to the notice of coach attendants. “This will help us to serve our passengers better,” he added.


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