Published On: Fri, Jun 1st, 2018

East Delhi mayor gives up official car, driver facility

New Delhi: A month after taking charge, East Delhi Mayor Bipin Bihari Singh today said he has “surrendered” the official car and driver facility provided by the cash-strapped civic body to him, and pledged that the saved amount be used for public welfare.

East Delhi Mayor Bipin Bihari Singh

Incidentally, Singh made the announcement at a press conference held at the Mayor Office of the EDMC headquarters, coinciding with the World Environment Day.

The mayor said he was surrendering the travel facility “with effect from today till the end of his tenure”.

“I am going to use a private car and private driver, henceforth. The maintenance of the vehicle, including the fuel cost, and expense on the driver amounts to Rs 29 lakh annually. It will thus help in saving overall expenditure of the EDMC,” Singh told reporters.

He said the decision was taken in view of the poor condition of the civic body which has been running losses for the last several years.

Singh also urged that other leaders and officials of the corporation should also give up the government vehicle and driver facility provided to them, if they can manage on their own.

“Because of the ongoing financial crisis, the EDMC has been unable to make timely payment of salary to its employees, besides facing difficulties in carrying out development work.

“In this situation, it is prudent to give up the facilities being provided to me as a mayor. The saved money can be utilised for development purpose and public welfare,” he said.

According to a senior EDMC official, two cars are provided to the mayor, to be used by turn.

“The annual expenditure of Rs 29 lakh on car and driver include, Rs 17 lakh on salaries of two drivers and Rs 12 lakh on fuel and other maintenance of the vehicle,” he said.

“Each mayoral car carries an official flag and a beacon,” the official said.


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