Published On: Tue, Jun 19th, 2018

Around 6000 railway station chiefs to get AC in cabins

New Delhi: Air-conditioners will be installed in the cabins of officers in charge of around 6,000 railway stations with large footfalls to make their work environment comfortable.

Railway Board directed that the rooms of station chiefs of of NSG1 to NSG 4 stations may be provided with air conditioners.

At a time when the national transporter is dealing with irate passengers over delays in trains, the Railway Board has written to the zonal general managers to install AC units in the next two months.

“Station directors/superintendents/supervisor in charge of railway stations are dealing with the public on a day to day basis. Sometimes, the rooms of these officials are overcrowded with passengers.

“Since the above mentioned officials are an important interface of the railways with the passengers, it would be in the organisational interest to make their working environment comfortable,” according to the letter from the board issued today.

The board has directed that the rooms of these officials in charge of NSG1 to NSG 4 stations may be provided with air conditioners, said the letter.

NSG 1-NSG4 covers 5,976 stations with annual earnings from up to Rs 1 crore to more than Rs 500 crore and with footfalls of one million to 20 millions.


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