Published On: Sun, Dec 13th, 2015

Income Tax officials reach out to students with lessons in tax laws

Bengaluru: The Income Tax officials in Bengaluru are reaching out to student community to initiate the future taxpayers into knowing the income tax laws and explain to them how they can play an active role in the process of nation building.

Income Tax Chief Commissioner Bengaluru Nutan Wodeyar

Income Tax Chief Commissioner Bengaluru Nutan Wodeyar

The Income Tax officials are also being trained in soft skills to interact and communicate with assessees effectively, the Chief Commissioner of Income Tax in Bengaluru, Nutan Wodeyar said while delivering the keynote address at the seminar on TDS organised by Bangalore Chamber of Industry and Commerce on Friday.

She mentioned about the tax refund claims, and said that issuance of online certificate for speedier tax refund has revolutionized the refund process, and demystified the tax-deducted at source (TDS) process for taxpayers.

Several new initiatives such as this have made tax procedures and compliance friendlier for tax assessees, she said while “The issue of refund creates a lot of heartburn among the tax assessees and the online issue of certificates has, in one stroke, solved this bottleneck. We shall continue to effect such improvements in the tax processes so as to make it simpler by removing ambiguity over the period,” she said.

Considering the good response on the new initiatives effected in Bangalore, the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) has directed that all modules adopted by the Bengaluru income tax establishment be replicated across the country. This, she said, was a big compliment to the IT officials in Bengaluru.

The Income Tax department in Bengaluru has introduced a manual which has let officers to take a quick decision on the issue of credit that need to be awarded to the assessees. “The Income Tax department assures you that all tax issues will be resolved to the satisfaction of each one of the assessees.”


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