Published On: Wed, Dec 2nd, 2015

Background verification a must for jobs: Mumbai Police Commissioner

Mumbai: In a bid to help investigate and verify background of people across business and industry that can preempt and reduce fraud and criminal intent, a team of retired officers from law enforcement agencies have come together and formed a company.

The company, Fourth Force, was formally launched today by Mumbai Police Commissioner

Mumbai Police Commissioner Ahmed Javed

Mumbai Police Commissioner Ahmed Javed

. Salim Ali, a former CBI officer, is the Chairman of the company. A presentation about the new entity was given on the occasion.

Addressing a press conference, Javed praised the people who are behind this initiative. “This, in a way, is a great support to the police department. In fact, this was very much required which perhaps was on back burner in past years.”

“The background verification has always been an important aspect in placing people, especially in private and public sectors.

“I recall that almost for every job, at least in the government, the job aspirant needed a background check. As you can make out from the presentation, the proportion of background verification sector is very wide and has its impact on economy given the number of employment opportunities that will be created,” Javed said.

Speaking on the occasion, Ali said “a bad hire is a loss to the the economy and also to the nation. It is not good for the organisation to be populated with a wrong set of people.”

“We are a huge nation with a huge economy and in the years to come, we would require more such agencies,” the former CBI officer said.


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