Published On: Mon, Oct 5th, 2015

Do not pool free allowances with others: Customs

New Delhi: Customs authorities here have asked flyers coming into India not to pool duty free allowances on goods being brought by them with other passengers.

Customs Additional Commissioner IGI Airport Vinayak Azaad Photo : Facebook

Customs Additional Commissioner IGI Airport Vinayak Azaad
Photo : Facebook

The move comes after instances were noticed in which some India-bound passengers claimed duty free allowances in a group instead on individual basis, customs officials said.

Following which, a note has been incorporated in the customs declaration form, which needs to be filled by all passengers coming to the country, for information.

“The free allowances shall not be pooled with the free allowance of any other passenger,” the note reads.

Customs duty is leviable at the rate of 36.05 per cent on the value of the dutiable goods that is in the excess of free allowances.

“We have been asking passengers not to pool duty free allowances with others. The note in the form will make it further clear to them the rules,” said Vinayak Azaad, Additional Commissioner of customs at Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGIA) here.

He said there have been a few instances in the past where passengers had tried to claim duty free allowance on expensive items brought by them from abroad.

In a recently modified ‘Indian Customs Declaration Form’, flyers have also been informed customs duty leviable on flat panel televisions including LCD, LED and Plasma.

Passengers of Indian origin and foreigners of over 10 years of age residing in India and coming from any country other than China, Nepal, Bhutan and Myanmar can bring goods worth Rs 45,000 along with them without payment of any duty.

These passengers coming from the four countries (China, Nepal, Bhutan and Myanmar) can bring in duty-free goods worth Rs 6,000 only.

A passenger can also bring 100 sticks of cigarettes, 25 cigars and 150 gms of tobacco without paying duty on them.

Tourists of foreign origin can bring gifts and souvenirs worth Rs 8,000 without any payment of the customs duty.

As per existing rules, Indian passengers who have been residing abroad for over one year can bring gold jewellery worth Rs one lakh (for women) and Rs 50,000 (for men) duty free with them.


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