Published On: Sat, Sep 26th, 2015

The best job where you choose your hours, take workcations

Washington: Your dream of working from home or an exotic location might just come true as a start-up founder encourages his staff to get out of the office, explore the world and work from the place of their choice.

A man work from a park with laptop in early morning.

A man work from a park with laptop in early morning.

Swiss entrepreneur and co-founder of HotelQuickly, Christian Mischler, said that they had nine offices and employees could work from one of those, their home, a beach, wherever they want, as long as they deliver results.

The employees who work for Mischler’s travel booking app, HotelQuickly, choose their own hours and can work in the evening, on weekends, or even cut back to a four-day week provided they complete their allotted tasks.

Mischler explained that if someone was super-productive, they might take just three days to reach their performance targets and then have the next few days off to recover for the following week, adding that it was a very flexible, fluid work culture.

He also introduced the idea of a ‘workcation’. If they stay connected, staff can travel without using up their annual leave.

HotelQuickly’s staff have a range of digital tools at their fingertips like Asana for task management, Slack for instant messaging, Skype and Line for one-to-ones, Dropbox for sharing files and Blue Jeans for team meetings and email.

HotelQuickly’s has a few set rules like the customer service and IT desks have to be staffed 24 hours a day and the engineers have to work as a team, so they take a week’s workcation as a group every three months.

Mischler further said that they had high expectations, but highly skilled people, adding that they were educated, from different cultures and backgrounds, they’re used to travel.

He concluded that flexibility was what a lot of graduates were looking for and the global availability of internet would enable that.


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