Published On: Thu, Aug 6th, 2015

Nutritious diet key to managing disease despite obesity

Washington DC: A new study has emphasised the need to focus on the proper intake of nutrition instead of pondering upon how much you weigh, citing vulnerability to diseases.

A woman checks her tablet while intake nutritious diet.

A woman checks her tablet while intake nutritious diet.

Senior scientist and University of California Professor, Bruce Ames, Ph.D., said that it was well known that habitual consumption of poor diets meant increased risk of future disease, but it was not a compelling enough reason for many to improve their eating habits.

He added however, a relatively easy intervention with something like the nutrient bar used in this study may help people to realise the positive impact that a diet with adequate nutrition could have in their daily lives, which may be a stronger incentive for change.

Ames and colleagues undertook three clinical trials in which adults ate two nutrient bars each day for two months. Participants acted as their own controls, meaning that changes in a wide variety of biochemical and physical measurements were recorded in each individual over the two-month period. People who were overweight moved in a healthier metabolic direction and some lost weight by just eating small, low-calorie, and nutrient bars each day for two months, without any additional requirements.

The study is published in the journal Federation of America Societies For Experiment Biology.


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