Published On: Sat, Mar 7th, 2015

Rape trial lawyers face notice for derogatory remarks in banned film “India’s Daughter”

New Selhi: The Bar Council of India issued notices to two defence lawyers who made derogatory remarks about women in the banned BBC documentary film “India’s Daughter”.

In the banned BBC documentary film "India's Daughter", lawyer M L Sharma, said there was no place for women in Indian society.

In the banned BBC documentary film “India’s Daughter”, lawyer M L Sharma, said there was no place for women in Indian society.

The council met last evening, gave the lawyers, M L Sharma and A K Singh, ‘three weeks’ time in the notices to explain why disciplinary action should not be initiated against them for their remarks which have brought disrepute to the legal fraternity.

In the banned film, Sharma said there was no place for women in Indian society, while Singh declared that, as a Rajput, he would think nothing of burning his “unmarried daughter or sister … if they behaved improperly”.

Their remarks triggered a massive outpouring of criticism and demands of punishment for the duo on social media with fellow lawyers even calling for a revocation of their licences. A women’s organisation also lodged FIR demanding prosecution of the both lawyers.

Sharma said, “I have committed no crime.” He alleged that filmmaker Leslee Udwin had misrepresented him by using only part of what he said. “She took my interview for 10 days, showed only one line,” he said.

Sharma said that Udwin broke the law when she interviewed his client rape accused Mukesh Singh.

Sharma added that Udwin did her first interview with the rape accused a month earlier, before the court pronounced sentence in the case. The law only allows prisoners who are on trial to be interviewed by journalists with the permission of the court.

Udwin got the nod from jail authorities, not from the court. However, he agreed to respond the notice of bar council.

Another lawyer Singh said that who opposed him were “biased”.

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